Tyler Durden – ‘I see all this potential, and I see it squandered. God damn it, an entire generation pumping gas, waiting tables – slaves with white collars. Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don’t need. We’re the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place. We have no Great War. No Great Depression. Our great war is a spiritual war… Our great depression is our lives. We’ve all been raised on television to believe that one day we’d all be millionaires, and movie gods, and rock stars, but we won’t. We’re slowly learning that fact. And we’re very, very pissed off’.


I remember when we were little kids and we would joke about how strong Africans were and how it was so good and amazing to be black. I am not denying the fact that back then we didn’t realise the difference between being black and white and how white people just seemed to astonish and catch our admiration but this was just face value and never went deeper than the skin. When it came to comparing capabilities, we had all the good ones mostly and our jokes and stories proved it. From white people not being able to chew bones and that one white man who came to Ghana and had to get sent back home in a freezer because he just couldn’t stand our weather and the heat. These were fun times but as we grew and our ignorance faded, indeed we did come to realise that ignorance is bliss! The more we got to face reality the more it seemed we did get our ahead of ourselves back then with our jokes. That doesn’t mean I still don’t smile whenever these jokes come to my mind but after that joy comes the sad pain of the realisation about how we tend to ignore certain and things all in the name of being black and strong. We are blessed with physical strength and a strong mind set no doubt but just like every other human being irrespective of your race or colour we are prone to breakages. These breakages are fixable but then again very damaging when left unattended to. The African man be it out of poverty, pride, shame, or almighty ignorance have been failing to detect or realise these breakages not to talk about trying to fix them. The ability to do work determines the strength of the African man mostly, so to be physically fit or healthy and strong means everything and has come to be valued more than that of mental strength or heath.  We rarely recognise our mental health and capabilities as the astonishment comes from the farmer who using a hoe could clear a 200 acre farming plot single handed or the footballer out there in the western world out playing almost all the white players.  Power and strength of the mind for us is in the field of academia and we tend to downplay the influence of our mental health in our everyday activities and how it affects our mood.

The best things in life are free they say and it’s the little things that makes the world go round! The very things we seem to take for granted and easily forget about. I think the most important thing in this world is happiness and as Bob Marley once said ‘money is only hard to come across and own because we spend it trying to find happiness’. To be happy is everything for it means to be human and to accept yourself first and foremost and also love yourself. They say depression will probably be the leading cause of death by 2020 and this means we are not a happy generation. There is something wrong with us or should I say most of us and it is all in our minds. The western world seems to have recognised this and are busily trying to find ways to solve this and depression has come to be accepted as an illness. In my home Ghana and Africa as a whole we tend to think of illnesses like depression, dyslexia and other complicated diseases as the white man’s sickness or western world diseases. Then there is almighty malaria, diabetes, cholera, cancer, hepatitis B and others that we consider African man problems. Even cancer and hepatitis started getting the acceptance and recognition here not long ago. That isn’t to say these diseases never existed here or killed us but it took us a while to realise the harm they were doing to us. There is old common cold too but I guess both the western world and Africa gave recognition to it early but we Africans just don’t make a fuss out of it or quarantine people with colds. We go about our business with our cold spreading it proudly and blowing our noses loudly in public. What am trying to say is we always fail to realise these problems on time to start finding early solutions to them. We mostly have to rely on whatever information the western world already dug up and sometimes such information doesn’t really benefit us. It is evident depression is amongst us my sister and brothers and its taking or destroying the lives of our loved ones while we watch ignorantly and blame the wrong things like witches or marijuana. To think a disease that is becoming the world leading cause of death did be on the lips of almost everyone down here it’s not and rather it’s how NDC or NPP has messed up our economy. Parents and guardians, what about how you have messed up your children’s life or haven’t played any active role in helping them not get sucked up by life? What do you say? Is that more important than politics or it’s not?  As a young adult myself, I can tell you for sure we are one of the messiest generations of all time and it’s all in our heads. Everything we know up there in our minds you know not apart to expect good results from us from school and somehow think that guarantees us happiness and a good job for us in future. Oh how wrong you are! There has never been a generation more exposed than us to change and there has never been a time where change is so fast in this world it’s easier to get left behind or get caught up so ahead you leave important things behind. Information has never been more available and poured out onto us than now and how we soak and soak it all up but for some reason always seem to just never know enough or know the right things. To talk of technology is actually mind blowing and ironic, how the very things we created to help make our lives easier and help us connect more have made us more distant than ever. The closer we are, the more the distance between us so much that you can be in a crowded room full of people and still be lonely or not even get a ‘hi’ just because everyone on is locked onto a screen of some sort. It is easier to get a blue tooth connection that to get an I love you a sorry from your parents especially down here in Ghana.  I totally agree our culture plays a significant part where as it puts the value of the adult over that of the kid and demands the kid always listens to the adult for the adult is always right. We were never taught to speak up or speak for ourselves so we tried to take refuge from within and even that failed and we desperate resorted to digital screens where we could be someone or something else and put all the pain away for minute. We are failing to have conservations with ourselves because we don’t even know who we are, just who we want to be. This fast changing world has become a poison for our very humanity it was created to nurture and we pollutants to it for we are not in sync with nature. We are very unhappy and sometimes we don’t even realise it because we are busy chasing mirages or the illusion of a better world with money. When we do realise it, it’s almost too late or the pain is just unbearable and we have almost no other option than to shut down. We are not living as we should thus easy victims for depression. Depression has a hold on most of us and we are dying slowly. We are scared, ashamed and afraid of this disease and some of us don’t even know we have it but it doesn’t make difference, for if no intervention takes place the end result will probably be suicide or long sad life full of torture. How many Ghanaian parents can claim to be best friends with their children or claim to know their favourite colour, friends, hangout spots or even the hobbies of their children? Apart from our academic track you keep an eye on and our physical health mostly, you know nothing else about us and probably raised strangers you only shared a roof, food and blood with.  The family being our strongest emotional support system is failing and in a world continuous getting crowded we are getting lonelier every day.  A lonely victim is an easy victim for depression.

Our culture might not really promote showing deeper affections that much or even create a space for your children to speak up to you but it’s only a culture and it’s all up to you to reach out to your kids, not to educate them on this or tell them what to do but just to listen! Listen and not utter a single word, when your children are done talking extend your hand and reassure them you will be there for them. This doesn’t only end with children but with ourselves as humans, time we opened up more and reached out to each other. Am not saying it will end all our problems or stop depression but it will surely help make a positive difference!

Depression is not a choice or state of mind can just snap out of but it is treatable and it’s a process where the presence of love and support can make a big difference!





Mothers Day!

Mothers days is here again! It is a delightful day, so full of soul searching and showing affection openly even for boys and men to their mothers. This amazing day also always carries with it a dark cloud that hovers around the head of men. Questions arise from the closets like why we celebrate our mothers so much and give less attention to our fathers on their day. We all know the answers to this question. Mothers will never abandon you, you can never measure a mothers love for her children and a mother will do anything for her child. All these answers drive quick blows to the integrity and responsibility of men. It is true more men always fail or abandon their roles as fathers than women ever would. I do not argue with that but then again have we ever asked why? No it is just not an attitude or the idea that men are less emotional and can easily sever emotional ties. It is a bigger and a more complicated problem. It is a system that work against men. A system society created then still criticize men when the effects happen to them. The bars have been raised too high for men! We tried make Gods out of mere mortals and it is killing them. We can all agree as to how we expect our dads to be super heroes and strong, if they fail to meet these standards then we kind of look down onto them. In a world where a man importance is measure through his pocket and social status and not his heart and love! Society has been killing our fathers from the onset with too much weight to carry. Traditional and especially in Africa a dad is expected to be the bread winner and protector of his family. Do all the heavy lifting and never break whiles the woman just cooks and keeps the home. We broke our fathers because we forgot how to help them out. Society never gives them a chance to be weak or to cry. A chance to break down and rest. They run because they are ashamed or because they feel like they are worthless then we criticize them like we had no hand in making them the beats they are. It’s time we learned to love our dads for just who they are and not for what they can provide, time we gave them a helping hand and made them know its okay to fail or not be able to provide as expected. We will help! WE BROKE OUR FATHERS!



As Time Dies

​Tom and jerry was fun

But life ain’t all roses and wine

The sun that gave us light

When we were young and scared of the dark

Now burns our back

As we toil underneath it

I now carry a full back pack of unsolved problems

School must have failed

So many promises of a bright future

But am eager to shine now

If only I could turn water to wine

Smiles don’t cost a thing

But its just makeup now

Father and Child

This relationship with my dad
Have issues always conflicting
Sometimes am mad at him
Sometimes I see his pain
I pity him
But then again he put himself in this situation
He should be ready to bear the pain
Let me hold my conversation
What situation?
Giving me life?
Shouldn’t I be thankful?
Isn’t that enough?
He is torn between raising me and raising his dreams
I am his responsibility
But then again maybe I am too greedy
Asking him to give me everything that ever made him smile
Everything that made him him
His promises, his dreams
Not all dreams are meant to be shared
But still he dared
Now torture won’t spare
He has become a victim
Society watching and ridiculing
Where was I when he was building
Now I want him to reconsider
Appear and change the picture
But there ain’t never been a teacher
To teach us both our roles
Living on societies prescriptions
But even society misleads
Especially those put in lead
Like my father leads
We both prick each other with intentions to motivate
But we bleed and are desperate

Hollow Man

So we will never be satisfied because of what society has turned us into, that perfect life with the perfect things, just the right way is what we all want. Sadly it’s what we cannot have but we have been tunned on this impossible channel so much that our craving can’t stop and we keep strugling to acquire this life style, throwing away the small things that really matter, then we come back to complain that life is not fair, boys want the perfect girls just as girls want the perfect boys, we all want to be rich, we all want to be celebrities, run around acting stupid and having fun without problems, we want the jobs with more prestige, even our parents are sad when we don’t  turn out to be  doctors, engineers or lawyers. We are making ourselves hollow and sad. We claim we are getting civilised, I thought progress in civilisation was measured in the betterment of the human lifes in ways that still make us human and appreciative not becoming robots and slaves and unconcerned people, we have sown bad seeds and will continue to have bad harvests untill we wisen up and make a change. It’s  sad and even I myself, am a part of this hollow life we living.

Carson and Islam

Just recently Mr Ben Carson, a republican candidate for the white house said “I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation. I absolutely would not agree with that.” In his defense Islam is not consistent with the American constitution.I got bored and annoyed at him for saying this and made a lot of remarks but then later I realized Mr Ben Carson might be right.You wondering how? Well first and foremost America is a country that has always tried to put religion a little distant away from their issues and I understand why since religion is one of the reasons for most of the misunderstandings on earth. a good way to deal with it but then again this has made America a place where decisions are agreed on just because they seem okay to man irrespective of what God thinks about such issues.For now things seem to be very good for America but no one can deny that the American society have lots of issues which they are failing to solve and more of these issues are growing especially when it comes to morals and decency.Racism and police brutality on blacks and all that are haunting their society and most of their measures being put in place to stop this are failing but I bet you if America employed religion a little bit more than it has done now things would change.Different religions I agree but no religion preaches brutality towards other men or looks down on other men based on colour.Religion would close gaps the government cannot close.Now back to the issue about a Muslim not best for president I agree to that since the American society would expect such a Muslim to make laws which are not favorable in God’s eye but seem perfectly okay since man can profit or satisfy some unnecessary wants and this is not permitted in Islam.In Islam laws should be made with reference to the Quran,Hadiths and ones common sense.A good Muslim will not make a decision just because he thinks its favorable to mankind alone,he has to think about God’s thoughts on that same decision and see what God thinks will happen when such decisions are made and I bet you God is always right and he knows best so when God says no to an issue he mostly justifies his reason for saying so in the Quran even though he owes no one an explanation.Mr Ben Carson if your American constitution is made up of things which God does not favor you do not expect to find it consistent with Islam. Muslims are asked to respect the laws in what ever society they find themselves but that doesn’t mean we would promote such laws if we found them unfavorable to God and mankind.I would suggest that you Mr Ben Carson took a course in Islamic studies and really understand Islam and again learn about the sharia and the how it must be practiced. The conditions laid down before the sharia must be practiced anywhere would shock you and I believe there is no state on earth now which meets those conditions and such has no right to practice it.What you see most Islamic states practicing is a mixture of their man made laws and some of the sharia and not exactly the sharia and how it should be practiced.I hope you a good run in your campaign but i hope you get better insights on Islam.Allah be with you and Good luck on your good deeds.

About Goodbyes And The Plight Of A Traveller

I hope to travel round the world like you someday with my music and writings inspiring people, righting wrongs and creating smiles..


This is not about the goodbyes you bid to people as you hug and smile with the promise of meeting again. It is about those goodbyes which ring a bell of finality, of an end.

k1.1 Girls waving goodbye while I drove away in Ladakh

Every time I visit a new place, I find myself taking an oath to return. Because I feel that I leave behind a part of my soul at all the places and it is necessary to come back and collect it later, to make myself whole again. But somehow I know that it won’t happen.
I will leave a city, a village, a town, behind.
A place where I had sat on the grass and gazed at the stars. A place where I had the first taste of coal burnt fish. A place where I camped in the darkness for the first time.
An hour before…

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Ghana’s Journey

Ghana’s  democracy is  Government of the people, by the people to mess the people.. Is it really a democracy anymore, just cause we vote do not mean it matters, when we have members of parliament who do not even know that their first responsibility is to act as the peoples voice, a mediator and not a party dog on chains… Our views do not matter, what matters to the government is how they can steal and cover their asses then come sit on some tv station and try to point hands at the one that stole the most, they say we are all part of the government, we never were…we just walking around taking whatever gets handed down to us like dogs and still killin for the scrubs they leave for us…. Everything politics forgetting  about the kids that will make tomorow better, TV politics, RADIO politics, GRAPHICS politics… When really our young kids have nothing better to guide which should have been this media now owned by politics,.. Why won’t  they go out and indulge in wrong acts…. Ghana is trying to develop, NO its trying to keep it’s  balance in this circle of stupideness…..