Mothers Day!

Mothers days is here again! It is a delightful day, so full of soul searching and showing affection openly even for boys and men to their mothers. This amazing day also always carries with it a dark cloud that hovers around the head of men. Questions arise from the closets like why we celebrate our mothers so much and give less attention to our fathers on their day. We all know the answers to this question. Mothers will never abandon you, you can never measure a mothers love for her children and a mother will do anything for her child. All these answers drive quick blows to the integrity and responsibility of men. It is true more men always fail or abandon their roles as fathers than women ever would. I do not argue with that but then again have we ever asked why? No it is just not an attitude or the idea that men are less emotional and can easily sever emotional ties. It is a bigger and a more complicated problem. It is a system that work against men. A system society created then still criticize men when the effects happen to them. The bars have been raised too high for men! We tried make Gods out of mere mortals and it is killing them. We can all agree as to how we expect our dads to be super heroes and strong, if they fail to meet these standards then we kind of look down onto them. In a world where a man importance is measure through his pocket and social status and not his heart and love! Society has been killing our fathers from the onset with too much weight to carry. Traditional and especially in Africa a dad is expected to be the bread winner and protector of his family. Do all the heavy lifting and never break whiles the woman just cooks and keeps the home. We broke our fathers because we forgot how to help them out. Society never gives them a chance to be weak or to cry. A chance to break down and rest. They run because they are ashamed or because they feel like they are worthless then we criticize them like we had no hand in making them the beats they are. It’s time we learned to love our dads for just who they are and not for what they can provide, time we gave them a helping hand and made them know its okay to fail or not be able to provide as expected. We will help! WE BROKE OUR FATHERS!



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