One person commits suicide every 16.2 minutes, As much as I think it’s the easiest way and a very selfish act,I cannot lie about the fact that there are days lying on bed with so much pain and anger building up I wanted to do it. It’s hard this life, it’s a cruel joke but remember no man is an Island. There are so many people out there that love you and amidst all your failures and dirtiness, you still give them a reason to smile. And it’s not cause you bought them something or said something but the fact that you still alive. No mater how bad you think your life is or how late you think it is to save you is not enough reason to take your life. Live it to the fullest and make others know there is beauty in pain, hope in failure and there’s no limitation to trying over and over again. I chose to pen my feelings down and hope these words make someone smile or give them strength. This is how I deal with my worst days for God gave us all an outlet for pain. Find yours and use it wisely. Suicide is never an option. It’s never too late.. No need for a badly written note saying am sorry.