In birth I come to life

Like December I come to live

My star above and full of love

The path of the dove

On and shiny like Christmas lights

Time takes away the past

Along with it the sun

And age brings with it rust

Without the rain

The December wind blows

And most turns to gold but some

Like my plans I hid amongst the grasses

Procrastination halted my access

Now burnt to ashes

Along with their success

Hushes turn to noise

And my skin hardens not by choice

I seem to be pushing against the tide

Because it seems to have become difficult

Going along with life’s flow

Across miles I ride

Following the star to the pot of gold

Like stories before me told by giants

Read the books they shout

Thunder to my inner child

Skiing faster into uncertainty

Prayers to deities

Like a flower blooms

In search of a groom

My cold heart flickers in search of a tune

An empty nights carol

To put me to rest

But heart break looms over me

And she is putting me to doom

If only there was a room

A place to put it all to rest

And start over like January

Amidst the cold my dreams am smelting

Are somehow melting

Like snow on a little boy’s palm

Or a smile on a new widow’s lips

Smiles and Merry all around when I look

Caged is the pain within

But like December

I will remember

How my dreams used to shine so bright

A fire born in the dark

A moon to the night

Now shimmering away like the Christmas lights