What a world

​If money is what you call riches, I don’t have that type of riches. Living and loving is my riches, only sad thing is the world don’t value that riches. I have to get money to buy freedom and improve upon my human value. Even though I find love on my little nephews smiling face and peace on my mother’s face it will never be enough to set me free. Now am doing everything to get money,including memories that will keep me up at night but can you really blame me? Am just an example of what the world made me.

Know you

​She says she’s called Marilyn

She’s one hell of a beauty

You did think she from Maryland

But apparently she from my motherland

She nice, she sweet

I bet she got Mary in her

Kinda attitude that make you think I’d like to marry with with her

And I ain’t even the marriage type

For now at least

Back to the pretty girl

She got long legs like a swans

They perfect you should see her advance

She got a body like model

The type you wanna cuddle

With and wake up every morning feeling subtle

Knowing you got a queen in your castle

She says she likes it honest

And I go like I’d like to know her

She say she ain’t got time for no relationship

And I say you ain’t the type to be racing with

You the type to be patient with

Know you well

Get you basic 

Get you classic

And I hope that you worth it


​Many a times have I come across a life

I mean one that I would love to place my heart inside

And create so many precious memories beside

Make it one of a kind

But in this world we reside

Our thoughts have been designed to think

We ain’t good enough being just who we are

So we create new personalities through threads we weave

 like a girls weave

And lies flourish whiles truth chokes

We create false hopes

And now we can’t cope

Our hearts collide only to ignite an explosion of corrosion

Erosion of our true selves

Like a baby trying to walk 

We keep stumbling across

But like a cross

Crucifixion will end us

Honesty is so much feared

It doesn’t get sown anymore

The farmer says he is out of seeds

So we live lives full of beautiful lies

Forgetting true beauty and love

Is embodied in the struggle of making something beautiful

And not a lie

Gone but left behind

​I wrote this

The morning you went back to school

I know we both growing, that’s part of the problem

We tried to make love but we made a beast

Now all you do is come feast on me when you hungry

Realised I probably wasn’t worth shit and theres more precious out there to get

I became a bother,a rubber to the flames

But before my love for cornflakes I had love for you

Grown from kindergarten till you left

Across miles my letters left in search

But now its crucifixion via texts

I amount to nothing because you think you can do better

Go on and fly but when your wings hurt

I will be waiting on the ground 

Waiting to plant seeds like I planted patience

Your smile and curves still make me smile

How you engage strangers and so lively

I have known so much of you

Both bad and good

Even though we loved the bad

Was it ever worth something knowing me