Father and Child

This relationship with my dad
Have issues always conflicting
Sometimes am mad at him
Sometimes I see his pain
I pity him
But then again he put himself in this situation
He should be ready to bear the pain
Let me hold my conversation
What situation?
Giving me life?
Shouldn’t I be thankful?
Isn’t that enough?
He is torn between raising me and raising his dreams
I am his responsibility
But then again maybe I am too greedy
Asking him to give me everything that ever made him smile
Everything that made him him
His promises, his dreams
Not all dreams are meant to be shared
But still he dared
Now torture won’t spare
He has become a victim
Society watching and ridiculing
Where was I when he was building
Now I want him to reconsider
Appear and change the picture
But there ain’t never been a teacher
To teach us both our roles
Living on societies prescriptions
But even society misleads
Especially those put in lead
Like my father leads
We both prick each other with intentions to motivate
But we bleed and are desperate