Hollow Man

So we will never be satisfied because of what society has turned us into, that perfect life with the perfect things, just the right way is what we all want. Sadly it’s what we cannot have but we have been tunned on this impossible channel so much that our craving can’t stop and we keep strugling to acquire this life style, throwing away the small things that really matter, then we come back to complain that life is not fair, boys want the perfect girls just as girls want the perfect boys, we all want to be rich, we all want to be celebrities, run around acting stupid and having fun without problems, we want the jobs with more prestige, even our parents are sad when we don’t  turn out to be  doctors, engineers or lawyers. We are making ourselves hollow and sad. We claim we are getting civilised, I thought progress in civilisation was measured in the betterment of the human lifes in ways that still make us human and appreciative not becoming robots and slaves and unconcerned people, we have sown bad seeds and will continue to have bad harvests untill we wisen up and make a change. It’s  sad and even I myself, am a part of this hollow life we living.