Carson and Islam

Just recently Mr Ben Carson, a republican candidate for the white house said “I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation. I absolutely would not agree with that.” In his defense Islam is not consistent with the American constitution.I got bored and annoyed at him for saying this and made a lot of remarks but then later I realized Mr Ben Carson might be right.You wondering how? Well first and foremost America is a country that has always tried to put religion a little distant away from their issues and I understand why since religion is one of the reasons for most of the misunderstandings on earth. a good way to deal with it but then again this has made America a place where decisions are agreed on just because they seem okay to man irrespective of what God thinks about such issues.For now things seem to be very good for America but no one can deny that the American society have lots of issues which they are failing to solve and more of these issues are growing especially when it comes to morals and decency.Racism and police brutality on blacks and all that are haunting their society and most of their measures being put in place to stop this are failing but I bet you if America employed religion a little bit more than it has done now things would change.Different religions I agree but no religion preaches brutality towards other men or looks down on other men based on colour.Religion would close gaps the government cannot close.Now back to the issue about a Muslim not best for president I agree to that since the American society would expect such a Muslim to make laws which are not favorable in God’s eye but seem perfectly okay since man can profit or satisfy some unnecessary wants and this is not permitted in Islam.In Islam laws should be made with reference to the Quran,Hadiths and ones common sense.A good Muslim will not make a decision just because he thinks its favorable to mankind alone,he has to think about God’s thoughts on that same decision and see what God thinks will happen when such decisions are made and I bet you God is always right and he knows best so when God says no to an issue he mostly justifies his reason for saying so in the Quran even though he owes no one an explanation.Mr Ben Carson if your American constitution is made up of things which God does not favor you do not expect to find it consistent with Islam. Muslims are asked to respect the laws in what ever society they find themselves but that doesn’t mean we would promote such laws if we found them unfavorable to God and mankind.I would suggest that you Mr Ben Carson took a course in Islamic studies and really understand Islam and again learn about the sharia and the how it must be practiced. The conditions laid down before the sharia must be practiced anywhere would shock you and I believe there is no state on earth now which meets those conditions and such has no right to practice it.What you see most Islamic states practicing is a mixture of their man made laws and some of the sharia and not exactly the sharia and how it should be practiced.I hope you a good run in your campaign but i hope you get better insights on Islam.Allah be with you and Good luck on your good deeds.