Great expectations

My sister gave birth to a boy a couple of years ago
This gave me the chance to reexperience what happened when I was a baby too
The best part of it all
This time round am experiencing it maturely and consciously
Its absorbing
Its enlightening
This baby would have to go through the processes I went through
I stood back to see things clearer
Solve this puzzle and get a better picture
Right after his birth
Some said he should have been a girl
So the expectations start even befor you are born
As he went through the processes
More tasks were layed on him
All in good spirits I believe
Why clear a path for one on the ground
When you know
not if he or she will walk or fly
Hope you grow to be a teacher,doctor,president,pilot and an astronomer
From the ground to the stars
They stretch you
NOW I get it!
I was employed to do great things things
Without reference to my capabilities and skills
Am not denyin the fact I could do anything on this earth
Am denying the fact I would want to do anything on this earth
They told me to fly
When I found peace and my passion all lay in walking
So now am a dissapointment for not doing what you wanted me doing
You are wrong
You taught me how to be a slave for this world
Instead of teaching me how to be human in this world
No one said welcome and I hope you choose your own path
No one said never forget to dance in the rain when you still young
No one said my best friend was my mother and heaven on earth was being in her arms
No one said its better to have peer pressure than nevet have peers
No one said words were medicine
No one said its all about your heart
No one and I mean no one said
Just be a human


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