Ghana’s Journey

Ghana’s  democracy is  Government of the people, by the people to mess the people.. Is it really a democracy anymore, just cause we vote do not mean it matters, when we have members of parliament who do not even know that their first responsibility is to act as the peoples voice, a mediator and not a party dog on chains… Our views do not matter, what matters to the government is how they can steal and cover their asses then come sit on some tv station and try to point hands at the one that stole the most, they say we are all part of the government, we never were…we just walking around taking whatever gets handed down to us like dogs and still killin for the scrubs they leave for us…. Everything politics forgetting  about the kids that will make tomorow better, TV politics, RADIO politics, GRAPHICS politics… When really our young kids have nothing better to guide which should have been this media now owned by politics,.. Why won’t  they go out and indulge in wrong acts…. Ghana is trying to develop, NO its trying to keep it’s  balance in this circle of stupideness…..

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