About Goodbyes And The Plight Of A Traveller

I hope to travel round the world like you someday with my music and writings inspiring people, righting wrongs and creating smiles..


This is not about the goodbyes you bid to people as you hug and smile with the promise of meeting again. It is about those goodbyes which ring a bell of finality, of an end.

k1.1 Girls waving goodbye while I drove away in Ladakh

Every time I visit a new place, I find myself taking an oath to return. Because I feel that I leave behind a part of my soul at all the places and it is necessary to come back and collect it later, to make myself whole again. But somehow I know that it won’t happen.
I will leave a city, a village, a town, behind.
A place where I had sat on the grass and gazed at the stars. A place where I had the first taste of coal burnt fish. A place where I camped in the darkness for the first time.
An hour before…

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Ghana’s Journey

Ghana’s  democracy is  Government of the people, by the people to mess the people.. Is it really a democracy anymore, just cause we vote do not mean it matters, when we have members of parliament who do not even know that their first responsibility is to act as the peoples voice, a mediator and not a party dog on chains… Our views do not matter, what matters to the government is how they can steal and cover their asses then come sit on some tv station and try to point hands at the one that stole the most, they say we are all part of the government, we never were…we just walking around taking whatever gets handed down to us like dogs and still killin for the scrubs they leave for us…. Everything politics forgetting  about the kids that will make tomorow better, TV politics, RADIO politics, GRAPHICS politics… When really our young kids have nothing better to guide which should have been this media now owned by politics,.. Why won’t  they go out and indulge in wrong acts…. Ghana is trying to develop, NO its trying to keep it’s  balance in this circle of stupideness…..

That Friend

A friend asked me to call a friend
To be her friend
So I made the call and made a friend
Who also introduced me to a friend
Thats how i got to meet her then
She was always in the background
Laughing at how my voice sounds
How I mentioned pardon
So she called me mr pardon
She got on the phone
We talked We connected
Emotions overflowed
Sooner or later she proposed
I never opposed
But how was I suppose to know
I was just a kid and it was never foretold
We broke up befor the relationship ever got old
How was I suppose to know I was letting my precious go
Emotions were locked I could hardly let them show
Growing up was key and now I can clearly see
Emotions at peak and am bleeding in deep
The memories I keep, I cannot even get sleep
Even with all these girls I always fail to connect
One week, two weeks and am over her
Am I really inlove or am I just in hell
My friends say am stupid and crazy and possibly brainless
Is this even a story I should go about telking
Nomatter how shameful
I hope that she hears it
And her emotions arises
And she will find her way to my doorsteps
She will finally arrive

Worship Grounds

TO CHRISTIANS AND MUSLIMS… If the churches took half the money they were making and gave it back to the community we’d be alright. If they took half the buildings they use to praise God and gave it to the people who are homeless,we’d be alright. Have u seen some of these God damn churches lately?Theres one that takes up the whole block in my area whiles there are homeless people out here.Why aint God letting them stay there? Why these churches got gold ceilings and doors? Why do God need gold ceilings to talk to me? Why do God need coloured windows to talk to me? When there are people out there with no food.? You get me.? Am not saying going to church is bad cause I don’t wanna disrespect anybodys religion or anything like that but what am saying is that I don’t wanna be part of what I don’t get. Noo Nah I ain’t contributing to no shit like that. To the Muslims too mosques are not just places for prayers and socialisation of just muslims. Mosques during the Prophets time, peace be upon Him.Mosques were not just places of prayer and socialisation of your own kind,they were also homes for the homeless, needy and poor no matter your religion or tribe, they were neutral grounds anyone could come to and have disputes settled irrespective of your affiliations because mosques were just places, they were places of learning to all, the public. So muslims should wisen up and make mosques more free to all rather than telling Christains or anyother person they are not holy enough to go into them and welcome them there with some bad attitude.. We should all go back to the past and learn from those that started our religions, there weren’t people amassing wealth or building big prayer camps or driving expensive cars whiles thier followers walked. People should wisen up amd learn.. For the mosque I know the money given out cannot be used for mosque activities like building the mosque but must go to charity, but churches aint so and this have allowed the fools game to take heights in churches, pastors getting fat whiles followers get more hungrier.. I beg all people its time to wake up.. Enough is enough..